Frequently Asked Questions

Taking a public bike is an easy and quick procedure.

  1. Download the app
  2. Follow the instructions and register
  3. Top up your account for minimum kr 49 
  4. Unlock the bike, by scanning the QR code  
  5. After each season you have to renew your subscription

You are in charge of the bike until it is returned and locked;

  1. Find a drive area – are you unsure about these in the app
  2. Park the bike inside the boundary of the virtual drive
  3. Close the lock so that the bike is locked
  4. Finish the loan in the app by swiping the clock symbol
  5. Wait for receipt (on return, you will receive a receipt)

If you encounter problems,  please contact customer support on the phone (74 01 90 80) eller epost ( 

If customer service is closed and you must leave the bike, try to secure it or lock it and contact us the next day.

Levanger’s sharing system is a sort-term bike rental offer with a limited capacity for the time being. There are no restrictions on how long you can borrow a bike – just be aware of the costs that come with!

Each loan is free for the first 15 minutes, then it costs $ 2 every quarter (after 3 consecutive hourly loans it costs $ 3 each quarter).

One tip is to park in a station area from time to time for long loan periods, making it cheaper.

You can park a bike inside the designated area around the station. To see the map of the stations and areas click here.

Levanger’s BSS operation is being monitored in real time and condition of each part – such as public bikes – is being assessed daily to be delivered for safe use.

However, before riding any bike, you should perform some simple maintenance checks, in order to ensure your safety and enjoyment. You should check: tire pressure, brakes, gears, pedals and chain. Finally you should adjust the saddle at the correct height for you.

In case you detect a problem during check or usage of the public bike, please return it as soon as possible to nearest bike station and during locking inform the system for the problem by clicking the tab Report Problem in the APP. 

Alternatively, you can contact Support Department by phone  (74 01 90 80)  or email ( to report the problem and you will get instructions.

In case the public bike you are using presented a problem and you cannot return it to any bike station, please contact the Support Department by phone (+) or email ( to report the problem and your position and you will get instructions.

In case you cannot lock the public bike on any docking point of the bike station, please contact the Support Department by phone or email to report the problem and your position and you will get instructions.

Levanger city bikes use a system verified by VISA and MASTERCARD and payments are made through PayEx. It should be as safe to use the card with us like any other online store. You can read more about this from our supplier at

Please report the problem immediately by contacting customer service by phone or email. Theft must be reported to the police and as a patron, this is your responsibility. Normally, there will also be a replacement amount. Read more about this in the Terms.

Terms of Use and Privacy

The terms apply from 1st August, 2018. Levanger Bysykkel reserves the right to make changes.


Levanger Bysykkel is a service offered by ShareBike AS in cooperation with Levanger Municipality and Leva-Fro, for inhabitants and visitors of Levanger. We hope a mutual effort will be made to keep and support the service. We appreciate your contribution! To use the city bikes you must register via the app or web; the service is regulated by the below a user agreement. During registration, you are required to fill up your account with a minimum amount of money, based on the price list, which can be spent on future bike loans. Further, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions and register using a valid phone subscription and your correct name / address. You are responsible for the bike while you’re loaning it. You are also responsible for any damage you cause to people/surroundings with the bike.


Terms, conditions & private statement:

I hereby subscribe to the service and enter this contract with ShareBike AS on behalf of Levanger City bikes:


  1. I am 18 years old or older, or I am more than 15 years old and have my guardians written approval to enter this contract.
  2. By entering into this agreement, I/my guardians understand that the law for “fjernsalg av finansielle tjenester” is not applicable (consumer rights for remote purchase of financial services).
  3. I understand that I am personally responsible for the bike when I rent it and that my responsibility remains until it is returned, and I have received a receipt. If I let others borrow the bike while renting it myself, I understand that I will be held responsible for any damage or rental cost. In case of suspicion of theft or theft of my identity or telephone, I am obliged to notify Levanger city bikes immediately.
  4. I am responsible for posting and updating the information through this app associated with my registration.
  5. I will always ride carefully and comply with the traffic rules and understand that I am personally responsible if I inflict myself or others damage when using the city bike. If I am about to loan a bike that is not in a proper condition, I understand that I should not use it – and report the damage so that the bike can be repaired. Therefore, I am obliged to check the bike before I rent it.
  6. Upon registration, I accept that a specified amount will be deducted from my bank card through PayEx (minimum kr 49) and reserved for future use of Levanger City Bike. For each loan in excess of 15 minutes, the rent is charged according to the current price list. Once the amount has been spent, I understand that I need to top up my account to still be able to borrow bikes. I understand that prices may be changed without notice.
  7. If I abuse the scheme or violate the rules, I understand that I may be banned from the scheme and that remaining funds in my account will not be refunded.
  8. After each rental, I am obliged to return the city bike to one of the station areas marked in this app and make sure it is locked. My loan will last until I receive a receipt for return, and I am responsible for seeing to that I both have received a receipt and that the bike is locked upon leaving the bike. My receipts are stored in the app and can also be downloaded from the website
  9. If the bicycle is stolen during a loan, I am liable for damages and must report the theft to the police. A copy of the police notification must be delivered to Levanger City Bikes. A stolen or damaged bike that is my responsibility may be billed (currently kr 3,000).
  10. I am not allowed to resell this service as a subscriber.
  11. Value added tax of 25% is included in all prices stated for the service. Once paid, the amount on my account cannot be refunded and will not be transferred to next season. Any money in my account that has not been spent at the end of the season will be kept by Levanger City bike.
  12. For subscription, the following terms and conditions apply to the storage and processing of personal data that may be associated with me as an individual:
    • The storage of data for subscription is subject to the rules of the Personal Information Act. The information is managed by: ShareBike AS (org. No. 996 300 064), Strandveien 33, 1366 Lysaker –
    • I understand, according to the Personal Data Act, that I can require information about me that is registered and processed in the system of Levanger Bysykkel, and at any time demand this information deleted. I also have the right to withdraw this consent at any time, however, I understand that that also would result in my subscription becoming inactive.
    • Data stored will not be shared with anyone other than those who manage and perform services related to Levanger Bysykkel. Card information is stored at PayEx. All data about me is either encrypted or secured so that it is not available to others who are not affiliated with the service.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions of Levanger City Bike.

Levanger Bysykkel welcomes you as a city bike subscriber! For questions or need for help, please contact us at: or +47 74 01 90 80 (# 6) during office hours.

Safety tips

Bicycling increase health and is an easy, environmentally friendly and ideal way for daily transportation. It is also often a much faster alternative on short distances.

Cyclists are vulnerable in traffic when sharing the road with motorized vehicles and should always pay extra attention and follow the laws of traffic to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Please use a helmet whenever possible, even if it is not required by law.

A bicycle is a vehicle and a cyclist must obey traffic law. A breach of the law while biking can result in having you drivers license revoked.

When possible, use bike lanes or roads with less traffic and low speed limits.

Unstable or unpredictable cycling can cause confusion among other drivers and can, in worst case scenario, lead to collision. Try to keep a steady course when cycling.

Keep a safe distance to pedestrians, kerbs, parked and moving cars. Remember that doors can suddenly open when you pass a parked car along the road.

Cyclists should keep as far to the right as possible. If you are making a left turn, be careful, give signal and place yourself correctly in the lane.

In some situations, in example on a narrow road or in a traffic light crossing, it can be necessary to make claim of the lane to increase visibility.

Be extra careful when passing a traffic light, even when the light is green.

Position yourself correctly in the lane in reasonable time when making a left or right turn.

To indicate where you are heading, extend your arm in the direction you wish to turn. In example; If are you making a right turn – extend your right arm straight out from your shoulder. It is wise to extend your arm a short while before you make a turn and while turning if possible.

When passing a bus or taxi, always pass on the left hand side as there is a risk of colliding with passengers entering or exiting.

If you are crossing a road using the zebra crossing, dismount your bike and wheel it over.

If you are cycling using a pedestrian pavement or areas primarily for pedestrians, cycle with precaution.

Make sure the lights are working properly so you are visible after dark.