How Levanger Bysykkel works



Download the app ShareBike and register with your phone number. Select Bysyklær project and one of the pricing models, fill in the card details and you are good to go! 



Open the app and scan the QR code on the lock or handlebars, through the app camera.



Ride, have a brake, temporary lock the bike, without the fear of somebody stealing it.



Return the bike to any Levanger Bysyskel designated area, lock it and finish the ride.

Levanger Bysykkel facts

The Bike Sharing System of Levanger consists of:

Cheapest way of getting around the town and beyond

100 city bicycles specially designed for public use

10 locations

26 parking units with 104 parking slots

The bicycles feature:

3 Internal speed gears

Front and rear lights powered by an internal dynamo hub

Anti vandal seat post with ergonomic bicycle saddle

Basket for transporting light objects


GPS BT lock

Solar panel for charging the lock

Meet The bike

Levanger Bysykkel is using Sharebike Bicycles, which were designed for easy riding in an urban environment. Bikes are among the lightest on the market, high quality and versatile.

  1. Mudguard design with advert/exposure area, integrated light and reflector
  2. Large basket with, integrated front light and Solar pannel
  3. Exposure areas for advertising
  4. Low weight, stamped, dual piece aluminium frame with internal cable routing and low step in
  5. Internal hub-gear solution
  6. Drum brakes with cooling disc
  7. Battery free lights powered dynamo hub
  8. Ergonomic lever to adjust the seat height
  9. Vandal secured seat post
  10. Robust aluminium kickstand
  11. 24” wheels with comfortable and robust city tires.
  12. Reflective stripe integrated on tire
  13. Anti-vandal nuts
  14. Anticorrosion chain
  15. Aluminium chain guard
  16. One piece moulded anti vandal seat
  17. BT, GPS, GPRS lock
  18. Solid solar panel for powering the lock

Meet the app

Easy to use, available on App store and Google Play. The app is designed to have a full overview of available bikes. It keeps track of all the purchases and bike rentals.

  • Register and have access to the app
  • Map with stations, legal parking areas and availability information
  • Full historiy and overview of transactions and rides

Meet the Station

Extreemely visiable, durable, rust resistant and easy to use simple bicycle rack with the info board.

  • Simple custom design, specially adopted for Levanger City bikes
  • Ultra visible powder coating
  • Rust free steel
  • Easy to mount and replace
  • Visable info board, with laser cuted Logo